Celebrate Clovis Educators!

Let’s say THANKS!!! Every year, the students, parents, and the Clovis community say thank you to the faculty and staff at Clovis Municipal Schools for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.

Please help to show your appreciation to the teachers and staff in Clovis by emailing pictures and/or short video clips daily to employee.services@clovis-schools.org of you and your family participating in the following activities:

Monday, May 4th Purple Ribbon Day

Please tie a purple ribbon (or many ribbons) around your trees, car antennas, doors, etc. to show your appreciation to all of our educators in Clovis.

Tuesday, May 5th Chalk the Walk Day

Use sidewalk chalk to write a thank you note to your teacher. Take a picture of it, and send it to them. (If you don’t have chalk, find another creative and colorful way to design your special message! The possibilities are endless!)

Wednesday, May 6th Kindness Day

Because educators are some of the kindest people in the world, participate in 1 act of random kindness today. Email your teacher what you did as your act of kindness in their honor.

Thursday, May 7th Creative Day

Be creative! Educators are always encouraging students to be creative. Do an activity that shows your teacher your creative abilities, and send them a picture!

Friday, May 8th School Pride Day

Show your love for your school and its wonderful teachers! Wear your school colors and t-shirts with pride.

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