The mission of the Clovis Municipal Schools Foundation is to provide resources to enrich teaching, inspire learning, and enhance opportunities for all students enrolled in the Clovis Municipal Schools district.

Since establishment of the Foundation, private donations have made the following grants possible:


1. Easy As PI Continues – Gattis Middle School – $599.75 – Grades 6-8 Resource Math – Dawn A. Gritters Nugent
Purpose: To continue to strengthen students’ basic math skills through an online, games-based program aligned to the Common Core Standards.

2. Science STEMporium – Mesa Elementary School – $2660.94 – 4th Grade Silvia Miranda, Krisa Engel, Karen Harcrow
Purpose: To enrich science lessons in order to create engaging opportunities to prepare all students for a successful future in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

3. Engaging With Technology – Arts Academy at Bella Vista – $2995.95 5th Grade – Shelly Grim, Christi Hartley, Jenn Wines, Angela O’Daniel
Purpose: To provide a charging cart for multiple devices.

4. Academic Success Through Motion – Los Niños/Lincoln Jackson – $4956.95 Preschool 3 & 4 year olds – Katrina Gallegos, Denise Calcanis, Matthew Boyd, Vickie Williams, Heidi Borden, Raphael Chavez
Purpose: To provide a program that will help students increase sensory integration, motor learning, and academic success.

5. Baby Real Care – Clovis High School – $5000 – Grades 10-12 – Family Care/Consumer Science – Amy Garcia, Shyanne Sansom, Diane Chapman
Purpose: To educate our students about the reality of the choices they make in their lives.

6. Good Citizens + Excellent Community = A Brilliant Future – Marshall Middle School – $3837.48 – Grades 6-8 – Cindy Terry, Suzan Lundy, Priscilla Salazar, Virginia Jones
Purpose: To fund the character counts/anti-bullying student organization.

7. Printmaking Class/Studio – Clovis High School – $4711.94 Art/Graphic Design – Grades 10-12 – Christopher Rabb
Purpose: To introduce students to the history off printmaking and graphic design techniques, while teaching students the elements of art and principles of design.

8. iPads Across the Curriculum – Arts Academy at Bella Vista – $5000.00 3rd Grade – Melissa Griego, Sharon Cathey, Amy Brazil, Dave Rossen
Purpose: To provide 10 iPads and a 10-port docking station to support learning through a multidisciplinary model.

Total Award-$29,763.01


1. Kalynn Baldock-CHS-Animal Science-5 Bunsen Burners-$100
2. Susan Clay-CHS-English-The Freedom Writer’s Diary-$100
3. Suzan Lundy-Marshall-Art-12x12 scrapbook paper packages for Cricut die machines and glue dots tape-$97.38
4. Kathryn Gonzales-Mesa-3rd grade-STEM kits for science and math- $100
5. Lisa Davis-Mesa-3rd grade-STEM kits for science and math-$100
6. Amy Marshall-Mesa-3rd grade-STEM kits for science and math-$100
7. Jillian Harrington-Mesa-3rd grade-STEM kits for science and math- $100
8. Dawn Gritters-Gattis-Resource math-Flocabulary to increase math vocablulary-$100
9. Suzanne Dickensen-Gattis-English-Project presentation materials- $100
10. Mandy Rutledge-Gattis-English-Project presentation materials-$100
11. Krisa Engel-Mesa-4th grade language arts/social studies-costumes for culminating projects-$96.77
12. Silvia Miranda-Mesa-4th grade language arts-blank books to write and publish nonfiction book-$100
13. Karen Harcrow-Mesa-4th grade language arts-blank books to create nonfiction books-$99.92

Total Award-$1294.07


1. Easy As PI--Gattis Middle School--$345.00
Dawn A. Gritters Nugent 
2. That All May SEE--Marshall Middle School/SSC--$4999.85
Christine Houston, Susan Smith, Carlyn Hancock, Becky Johnson
3. Engaging With Technology--Arts Academy at Bella Vista--$4240.00
Christine Eisenmann, Shelly Grim, Christi Hartley, Jenn Wines
4. AFJROTC STEM MakerSpace--Clovis High School--$4999.85
Lawrence Fields 
5. STEM Chaps Camp--Yucca Middle School--$3938.30
Loran Hill
6. Enhancing Technology in Labs--Parkview Elementary--$4978.56
Rene' Hedemann, Allison Craig, Jana Fields, Shannon Arredondo, Licia Westfall
7. Think-Create-Print-Repeat--Marshall Middle School--$988.32
Suzan Lundy 
8. Interventions and Progress Monitoring--Barry Elementary--$4270.00
Sara Williams, Christy Hughes, Jennifer Queener
9. Inquiry Based Learning--Clovis High School--$1010.90
Kalynn Baldock 

Total Award: $29,770.78

1. Silvia Miranda-4th Grade-Mesa
              $97.42-NM History Project
1. Silvia Miranda-4th Grade, Mesa
               Students will participate in an around the world artist study.-$97.45-
2. Krisa Engel-4th Grade, Mesa
              Students will participate in an around the world artist study.-$96.91
3. Mary-Cris Putz-4th Grade, Mesa
              Students will participate in an around the world artist study.-$98.94
4. Jordan Ferell-4th Grade, Mesa
              Students will participate in an around the world artist study.-$98.94
5. Jacob Shane Hill-Wood Shop/ 10th/11th/12th Grades, CHS
              Students will use wood burning kits to explore an artistic side of wood working.-$89.95
6. Chris Acuff-7th Grade Science, Gattis MS
              Protozoa classification set-$83.97
7. Jennifer Herndon-1st Grade, Mesa
              To apply understanding of living and non-living through classification and measurement, etc. by using live night crawlers and gummy night crawlers.-$14.00

Total Award: $580.16


Grant 1 Enhancing Dibels in the Classroom
              Barry Elementary--$4270.00
Grant 2 Going Beyond with Kagan
              Parkview Elementary--$4999.00
Grant 3 I Need to Read
              Student Support SLP/Zia--$4849.85
Grant 4 Transforming Classroom Practice Part 2
              Mesa Elementary--$4957.00
Grant 5 Learning to Play in Learning to Learn 
               Los Niños/Lincoln Jackson--$4835.82
Grant 6 Technology Enhanced Projects 
              James Bickley--$4921.00
Grant 7 STEM Chaps Camp
              Yucca Middle School--$2703.80

Total Award: $31,536.47

1. Silvia Miranda-4th Grade-Mesa
              $97.42-NM History Project
2. Elyse Zalucki-4th Grade-Mesa
              $97.42-NM History Project
3. Cynthia Vinson-3rd Grade-Mesa
              $89.00-Creating Landforms
4. Amy Marshall-3rd Grade-Mesa 
              $89.00-Creating Landforms
5. Lisa Davis-3rd Grade-Mesa
              $89.00-Creating Landforms
6. Claire Brewer-3rd Grade-Mesa
              $89.00-Creating Landforms
7. Dawn A. GrittersNugent-Resource Math-Gattis
              $87.05-TI-30x Scientific Calculators
8. Diana Galloway-Pre-K-Los Niños
              $85.27-Tools to develop fine motor skills in pre-school students
9. Corey Lucero-3Y Sped.-Los Niños
              $88.49-To help students with sensory exploration 

Total Award: $811.65


$4,229-Parkview Elementary
Common Core with Kagan

$3,564.35-Parkview Elementary
Green Team Solar Energy Investigations

$5,000-Yucca Middle School
Intro to Multimedia Presentations
$3,326.66-Mesa Elementary
Transforming Classroom Practice with Technology

$3,326.66-Barry Elementary
Bringing Technology to Elementary Classrooms

$4,953.95-Los Ninos and Lincoln Jackson
Communication Counts!

$600.38-Student Support Services
Student Magazine Library

Total Award: $25,000

CHS—Alan Fields--$99.20 for Model Aircraft  
CHSFA—Beatriz Ramirez--$95.16—Spanish Dictionaries  
CHS, CHSFA, MMS—Crystal Benfield--$100—Theater Makeup Kit  
La Casita—Claudia Baeza--$98.25—Owl Pellets  
La Casita—Kim Montaño--$98.25—Owl Pellets  
CHS—Clyde Davis--$100—Shakespeare DVDs  
Gattis MS—Jennifer Harris--$94.30—Science Kits  
Gattis MS—Adrienne Thomas--$98.94—Rhythm Instruments

Total Award: $784.10


$3,050.55-Clovis High School
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Project
130 Students

$4,970-iPads for the Classroom
Choices Alternative School
200 Students

$1,465.00-James BIckley/Cameo Elementary
Destination Imagination
25 Students
$5,000.00-Clovis High School
Library Learning Commons
1,408 Students

$4,301.25-Clovis High School, Clovis High School Freshman Academy, Middle Schools
Rehabilitation Unit

$4,420.99-Yucca Middle Schools
STEM Chaps Camp



$939.75-Cameo Elementary
Utilizing Sun & Wind Power in the Classroom
Mary Finfrock

$5000-Marshall Middle School
Put Your Best Foot Forward
(Middle School Transition Camps)

$9819.30-Yucca Middle School & Gattis Middle School
Jr. Wildcat Math Camps
(Middle School Math Camps)
$4240.95-Clovis High School
Project Cat Courtyard
Judy Uerling and Christina Drake

$5000-Mesa Elementary School
Successful Learning with NEO2’s
Second Grade Teachers


$4000-Yucca Middle School
$4000-Marshall Middle School
Instructional Coaches-Kristi Sparks-Medlock-Yucca, Mandy Carpenter-Marshall
Project-Jr. Wildcat Transition Camps

$4500-Yucca Middle School
$4500-Marshall Middle School
Instructional Coaches/Teachers-Kristi Sparks-Medlock-Yucca, Mandy Carpenter, Mary Ann Collings, Terry Pipkin-Marshall
Project-Jr. Wildcat Math & Science Camps

$2575-Clovis High School
Teacher-Corey Pickett
Project-Music Media Technology

$4000-Parkview Elementary
Principal and Instructional Coach-Christi Richards and Deborah Westbrook
Project-Kindergarten Kickoff

$429-Zia Elementary
Teacher-Rene Hedeman
Project-Student Electronic Portfolios 

$995-Mesa Elementary
Teacher-Shalei Bennett
Project-Student Electronic Response System


$5000—Barry Elementary School
Teachers—Tracy Rucker, Christy Hughes, Donna Plummer, Debbie Lusk, Paula Lockmiller, Stacy Burdett, Cathy Langford, Dawn Hanks, Shalei Bennett, Karri Hatley, Gina Dorazio, Klisty Prather, Becki Bradley
ProjectFocusing in on Improved Instruction through Technology

$5000—Clovis High School
Teachers—Drew Hatley, Tristen Boerio, Deborah Davidsen, Don Sharer, Belinda Phillips, David Allison, Ken Cole, Carol Singletary, Linda Baldock, Charlotte Hamilton, Diane Turner, Darrel Ray, Debbie Woodard, Dinah McAlister, Gabe Apodaca, Buddy Lowrance 
ProjectTenth Grade Dynamic Duos

$900.88—Lockwood Elementary School
Teacher—Sandra Santellano
ProjectWhat My Heritage Means to Me

$4751.00-Cameo Elementary School 
Teachers- Dana Horne, Rita Small, and Diana Santellana
Project-An “Apple”a Day

$757.54-Parkview Elementary School 
Teacher-Carrie Geisler
Project-“AVer” Think About Living with Prairie Dogs?

$5000.00-Student Support Center 
Educational Audiologist-Rachel Lingnau
Project-Early Identification of Hearing Loss

$499.00-Lockwood Elementary School 
Teacher-Allison Parkey
Project-Gear Up with Mimio

$4000.00-Yucca Middle School 
Teachers- Mike Perkins, Maria Sierra, Kristina Roehrig, Kathy Gomez, Amy Garcia & Instructional Coach-Kayla Pipkin
Project-Put Your Best Foot Forward 

$4988.13-Marshall Middle School 
Teachers- Mary Ann Collings, Dustie Gonzalez, Luis Campoz, Donna Tivis, Terry Pipkin, Cary Webskowski & Instructional Coach-Mandy Carpenter
Project-Kitten Math Camp

$4946.00-Clovis High School 
Teacher-Corey Pickett
Project-Music Media Technology


$1180—Ranchvale and James Bickley Elementary Schools
Teacher—Carol Littlejohn
Project—Destination Imagination

$997.86—Lockwood Elementary School
Teacher—Silvia Miranda
ProjectIt Pays to be Bilingual

$1, 850—Yucca Middle School
Teacher—Steven Stull
ProjectLewis & Clark Thematic Unit

$559.90—Zia Elementary School
Teacher—Rene’ Hedemann
ProjectNXT Mindstorm Robotics

$720—Mesa Elementary School
Teacher—Kristin Ardis


$4994.70—Cameo Elementary School Upper Grade Team
Teachers—Cheryl Cunningham, Junea Hickman, Shawn Pelfrey, and Genette Moore
ProjectHands-On Mini Science Labs for 5th & 6th Grades

$3200—Marshall Middle School
Teacher—Elwanda Bell
ProjectStudent written and performed musical history of the American Flag

$5,000—Barry Elementary School K-3 Teachers
Teachers—Karri Hatley, Donna Plummer, Debbi Lusk, Paula Lockmiller, Tracy Rucker, and Gina Dorazio
ProjectImplement a new reading program


$2,779—Yucca Middle School Team 1 
Teachers—Suanne Brewer, Norrie Maciel, Tresa Pond, Dennis Ray, Ann Sharp, and Deb Watters
ProjectArchaeology on the Eastern Plains